As soon as, we hear the name of Kashmir, we visualize beautiful valleys, lush greenery, snow covered mountains?, waterfalls, foggy climate and romantic song?sequence. But, have you ever wondered about its rich, redolent cuisine that have evolved through many generations and are known to be a blend with three different cooking styles- the Kashmiri Pandit, Mughals and Muslims. This one is also the main reason for the tourists to visit this place, because it’s itself a matter of great pride and royalty to eating the delicacies of that place, which is known as the “heaven of India” in all over the world.

Most of you are very familiar with the name of “Wazwan”, an ultimate ceremonial feast in Kashmir, which takes hours of preparation and comprises mostly meat-based dishes. This mainly consists of 15-36 dishes in which Lamb meat is the main highlight of the menu, including some other popular dishes, such as Gushtaba, Rogan Josh, Rista, Tabak Maas and much more. And, today we are listing a few delicacies of Kashmir that you must try, whenever you’re planning to visit this lovely and beautiful place.

List of Kashmiri food, which will take you on an unforgettable exquisite journey:

Chicken Pulao


Chicken Pulao is one of the delicacies that liked by everyone, especially the locals, who really enjoyed it during their meal. A delicious rice loaded with juicy chunks of Chicken?, whole spices, Kashmiri chillies and Desi ghee.

Kashmiri Style Mutton Ribs


Those, who like to eat mutton?, they will definitely appreciate the Kashmiri Style Mutton Ribs. Cook this dish with milk and spices, wrap them up in gram flour and fry them till they turn golden.

Rogan Josh


This dish gained lots of hits from the people, who like their food hot and spicy. The meat is cooked in onions, spices and yoghurt. For red color, Kashmiri chillies are added to the curry.

Yoghurt Lab Curry


A comfort dish cooked in Mawal flowers, black and green cardamoms, onion paste and dry mint leaves. Those, who have not tasted this dish, try this at least for once, it will give you a new flavour and taste to your taste buds.

Khatte Baingan


Khatte Baingan is usually a side dish in Kashmiri feast and ceremonies to enhance the flavours. It’s necessary to golden fried the brinjals laced with a thick, spicy and zingy gravy.



It’s a popular Kashmiri cuisine, which takes lots of time and effort in the preparation, but it’s all worth it. It comprises lamb meatballs cooked with marinated meat and poached in turmeric water to cook in a stock.

Kong Phirni


A sweet rice pudding flavoured with saffron, pistachio and cashew nuts. The best way to end your meal perfectly is to have a Kong Phirni as a dessert.

Kashmiri Haakh


Another side dish, which is prepared with Kashmiri collard green that is grown in lake water and very well-known for its bitter sharp taste, haakh is collard green cooked with fennel.

Tabak Maaz


Tickle your taste buds with Kashmiri Tabak Maaz, which is extremely tasty. Prepare from juicy mutton pieces, cooked in warm masalas with an added goodness of milk and saffron.

Paneer Chaman


The name itself tells that this is a paneer based dish from Kashmir. The rich cottage cheeses flavoured with brown and green cardamom is slightly and slowly cooked in milk, until it gets tender, rich and brown.