Finally, Manmohan Singh will speak something useful to media today and discuss about the steps taken to boost the economy. The Prime Minister Singh who is in the tenth year in the office will be speaking on politics, foreign affairs and economy. He will be discussing in these years what has been achieved and what steps have been taken for development of India and also discuss about the reasons by which we cannot progress.

Whether it is a rumor or true, it is being speculated that he could step down from the third term for himself and make a way for Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi ahead of Lok Sabha polls. However, it was denied by office of Prime Minister and it is being said that Prime Minister will complete his tenure.

Manmohan and Modi

But it is still not in confirmation whether Congress would name Rahul its next prime ministerial candidate or not after reverses suffered by the party in this year assembly election in MP, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Rajasthan.

When it is asked how Manmohan Singh is feeling giving next PM charge to Rahul Gandhi? He said he is not feeling like resigning from the post. He said he has done his duties with honesty. When talked about Rahul Gandhi about his PM role then Singh said that he has all and right credentials to be a PM and he also said that the party will announce at the right time about next PM candidature.

Singh said that he will continue his duties till 2014 Lok Sabha election and after that will hand over the baton to the next selected candidate.  He also talked about soaring food prices. He said that to control them, it is needed to increase the supply chain, storage and distribution. He said that he remained unsuccessful to control inflation. There are some points he talked about that the party could not tackle including job sectors. He said they need to support the small and medium scale industries.

It is the first press conference of PM in 3 years and only his third in 9 years. About the press conference political journalist Neeraj Chowdhury said that PM wants to tell the nation that he is a kind of misjudged and misunderstood man by people. Whatever is being said about the PM press conference or about PM, whether he is clearing people’s doubts about him or He is a best PM under pressure or weak PM but he has perhaps cleared out that the next PM would be Rahul Gandhi.