Today a Smartphone is one’s life. No one can live without it and it has become a need as bread and butter. A smartphone gives us all facility and functionality as we have on our desktop computer or laptops and besides this these smartphone devices are small in size and of course you can do anything on it wherever you go.

Facebook Home Application

Facebook Home Application

There are many new things being invented and innovated nowadays whether for social browsing or for any smartphone and one of the craze that almost everyone has, is about Facebook.

Everyone loves to do it and it is the greatest time pass for everyone and a kind of portal where you can get all the news and promotions which is running rage in the world. Facebook has become a need. A need to connect with friends, for getting updates, a global network where you can get connected with everyone around the world wherever you are; you are always connected with you loved ones.

Whenever if you want to use your Facebook account you have to log in into it without login it is not possible and it runs in background whether you always remain logged in or logged out it depends on you if you want to check something on your Facebook.

But now you do not have to do it again and again because there is a service coming from Facebook that will change the use of it and perhaps everything how you chat, interact and others. It is going to launch its new application ‘Facebook Home’. This new application will take your all screen of a smartphone and spreads like water on your smartphone screen wherever you move in.

It will function on smartphones through Android Software and presents everything on your home screen whatever on your Facebook. Facebook Home will be available for users to download on April 12 and will come preloaded on new phone from HTC.

So soon Facebook will be on your home screen rather than a part on another tab.