Facing a tough time, government-run airline Air India will offer only hot vegetarian meals to its economy class passengers on flights up to 90 minutes duration from 1 January 2016. There will be no non-vegetarian food for the passengers. Along with this, the national carrier has also decided to remove both tea and coffee from its lunch and dinner menu. Currently, Air India✈️ serves both non-vegetarian and vegetarian sandwich and cake?on its flights.

An airline circular stated,

“It has been decided to provide all Indian vegetarian hot meals in economy class on all domestic sector flights between 61 and 90 minutes duration from January 1, 2016”.

All the non-metro routes flights will be coming into this category. So far, the airline is serving only sandwiches and cakes, which have now replaced with hot vegan meals.

Before changing the whole menu, the members of Air India should have first carried out a passenger survey. According to the company, it presently provides cold vegetarian snacks on flights of 61 to 90 minutes flight duration. Air India will now be serving vegetarian meals on these flights for the passengers.