Fuel Inventions for Two Wheelers

Fuel Inventions for Two Wheelers

Petrol and diesel use as a fuel in the vehicle’s likes motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks and many more, all over the world. And we know that these are a non renewable fuel agent, once consumed means finished, it can’t be renewed to its earlier form. The automobile market is evolving day by day and producing new vehicles to attract the audience.

The automakers across the world producing upcoming vehicles with the next-generation technologies, bigger engines and extravagant power output to establish their stronghold in the  ever continuing and competitive world of automobiles. From this pace, the day is not that far when this fuel option petrol and diesel will be ended and vehicles will be rusted as a scrap everywhere. So this is the correct time to find out the alternative of petrol and diesel to keep our wheels continue moving. Many of us are on the track of finding the alternative fuel agents, they can be an individual, a group of people and  a multinational organization.

After a research, we find out some alternative which are in testing state or successfully running across the globe. The invented fuel agent to run the motorcycles or scooter can be air, water, gases or else. So here we listed some projects which will replace the current scooters and bikes in the coming future.

Algae Oil Powered Wooden Motorcycle:

Algae Oil powered wooden motorcycle

Algae Oil powered wooden motorcycle

Designer Ritsert Mans and scientist Peter Mooji from Netherlands brought out a revolution in the biking industry, with the development of a wooden motorcycle, as it uses algae-oil as fuel agent. In actual, the idea of bringing algae as fuel option was born from the Mooji’s new book- “De Dikke Alg” or “The Thick Algae”. The book examines how algae can be utilize as a fuel agent in coming future. Based on all wooden chassis, the motorcycle is a single sided front end motorcycle and had successfully been tested at a beach. Basically, the concept of powering vehicles from algae fuel is pretty amazing as it is environment friendly, but its production is almost three times costlier than the petroleum.

Cooking Oil Powered Motorcycle

cooking oil powered motorcycle royal enfield

Cooking Oil Powered Motorcycle, Royal Enfield

A bunch of Mechanical engineering students named Athul Geo, Ajin CM, Rahul CV and Raveen Kumar from Kochi has thought over the crucial issue of fuel (Petrol and Diesel) in the coming future and found a solution that can substitute the nonrenewable fossil fuels. They succeeded in running a Royal Enfield project model with some used cooking oil which usually gets thrown away after a single use. To make the cooking oil convenient to propel the vehicle is the addition of Methanol. This fuel outcome will not only eliminate the process of running at fuel station frequently but also help in reducing the environmental pollution.

After bearing various constraints during this seven months experimental period, the students finally get the resources in the larger volume, owing to produce combustible fuel at the cost of INR 76 per litre. While the students notify that the large-scale production of fuel will reduce the figures upto to INR 36 per litre.

Under this project, the students use a Royal Enfield, a motorcycle on which modifications can easily be applied. The experimental RE was conveying the “REcycle, REduce, REuse” values from the reworked logo.

Hydrogen Fuel Invention for Motorcycle

Hydrogen Powered Invention Motorcycle

Hydrogen Powered Invention Motorcycle

A hydrogen powered motorcycle is invented by a bunch of students of Automobile Engineering, RVS School of Engineering and Technology. The motorcycle is designed to aim the problem of air pollution and global warming in mind and to promote the pollution free environment. The motorcycles uses hydrogen gas as supplementary fuel without mixing any other fuel, in a four-stroke engine which delivers an excellent mileage figure of 148 km in one litre. As per the producer of the hydrogen powered bike, any available vehicle can easily be modified to run on hydrogen and will cost only Rs. 7000 and no modification at engine level is needed. Hydrogen is a good alternative in comparison to petrol or diesel on the cost basis as it costs only Rs. 30 per litre and reduces emission, low maintenance and convenient for all petrol, diesel or LPG engines.

CNG Fuel Invention for Motorcycle

cng fuel invention motorcycle

CNG Fuel Invention for Motorcycle

Another invention is a CNG bike, The bike has been manufactured by a group of four students named Sayed Monis Athar, Faraz Hasan Malik, Wasim Akhtar and Faisal Shah Khan, which completed B.Tech from Greater Noida’s engineering college. These guys belongs from the Rampur district in Lucknow and the developed bike is an environment friendly and a cheaper means of transport. The prototype can runs the distance of 80 Kms per kg CNG which only costs Rs. 40. The cost to modified the bike was about Rs. 10,000 and it is fitted with a one kg CNG cylinder, modified carburettor and a regulator to control the gas intake in the bike and bike can runs on both petrol and gas fuel.

Radham Electric Scooter Invention

electric scooter invention

Electric Scooter Invention

‘Radham’ is an electric scooter invention which is designed and developed by V.R. Manikandan, a mechanical engineering student of Kalasalingam Engineering College. It is an ideal option for an environment-friendly and cheap-to-run motorbike or scooter option. Officially, it gets the certification and clearance by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

‘Radham’ uses electric as a fuel to churn out the power to propel itself and gave the mileage of nine paise per kms without polluting our environment.

Radham gets power from a 10,000 watt high-capacity lithium ion, multiple batteries, which are in a battery management system as per the suited the local temperature and humid conditions. At every single charge it can travel the distance of 400 Km and can attain the max of 75 Kmph.

The battery could be re-charged at home at the cumulative sum of the consume 12 units in three and a half hour duration. The fully charged battery could run the bike for one lakh km or up to five years time period. With the quick charging option facility, it can be charged in 20 minutes at the solar quick charging stations, claimed by the developer.

Radham is upto the par than the other electric vehicles, which fails to attract the heart of the audience, as it does not faces any low power and pick-up, less running range and less motor and battery life. Radham is designed to match and exceed the performance from existing IC engine two-wheelers.

T Power H2O Motorcycle Invention

t-power h2o invention motorcycle

T-Power H2O Invention For Motorcycle

T Power H2O is a water-powered motorbike created by Ricardo Azevedo, the Sao Paulo-based public officer in Brazil. It is an amazing invention which uses water (H20) or can say polluted water of river as a fuel agent. The T Power H20 offers the magnificent fuel economy of up to  310 miles in a litre water consumption.

The process design consists an organization of water and a single external car battery,  which breaks hydrogen from the water molecule and produces electricity to run the bike. While the working process includes a pipe system which results in combustion and produces required energy to power the bike.

Bio-Fuel Invention for Motorcycle

bio fuel invention motorcycle

Bio Fuel Invention for Motorcycle

Bio-CNG is also a better fuel alternative to promote pollution free environment initiative as it can reduces the carbon-dioxide emission above up to 95 percent. The Indian Road Transport and Highways Ministry also showed its complete support to use waste to produce Bio-fuel which can includes clean fuel like ethanol and bio-diesel and it also started the promotion of vehicles powered by Bio-fuels like bio-ethanol, bio-CNG, bio-diesel, etc. Bio-fuels will not only slashed the annual import bill on the purchase of petrol, gas and crude but will also help in developing a clean and green environment.

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