Last updated on – 23rd October, 2015

The World has got a modern flavour of technology, which elaborates the thrust of faster results in timeless life. In earlier days, People used to take care of their belongings as the value of money was more than time. However, today also, money is of much importance as it has crossed the mark of 66 against one US dollar, but youth has started expanding the same to save time.

mileage bike vs performance bike

Social life reflects progress

social life

The social life and the corporate sector do have some similarity in terms of principles. One of the most interesting one is “increment will be made on the basis of performance”. This reflects over one’s automotive choice as well. People upgrade to a new vehicle with better specifications and bigger engines, once they have done with their existing old vehicles. The craze for the technology shifts from “economy” to “economy with performance” to “performance”. Casually speaking, true riders never check for the mileage which they will be getting with a heavier engine. Still, there are some folks who are helpless to just keep thinking of the pace just because of dearness.

The question Arises

question in mind

Here the question arises is, Do we people have started ignoring the value of fuel also? Apparently, Not! Mileage is still a matter of concern for budget friendly people. The stylish and super performer bikes have always been a dream for most of the people, which is quite expensive, even to dream about.

Hero Moto Corp, Bajaj and Honda have established a good market in India for the commuter segment, a segment which has become decades old on Indian streets, yet it is interesting to see that people keep searching a bike, which is blessed with stylish look and superb mileage. Other companies like Yamaha, and Suzuki have also jumped into manufacturing budget bikes, but their blood has not accepted the value of the economy and started zooming comparatively, which is not a favourable tick mark for fuel savers.

Mileage and performance contenders

In 2014, the Delhi Auto Expo had displayed many new bikes which are either awaited or have already arrived on the roads of the Indian and global market. Hero MotoCorp, one of the most promising Indian companies, had introduced their concepts of future bikes which will be seen playing on the ground within next few months. Hero Karizma ZMR, Karizma R, Xtreme Sports, Splendor iSmart, Splendor café racer, new Pleasure, etc. have been included in the list of new launches of the company.



TVS introduced Draken concept for next gen Apache while Bajaj was found testing their Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 bikes wearing Pulsar 200NS outfits. The list doesn’t end here, there are so many contenders waiting for their launch event to happen. Yamaha is regularly checking the ability of of their next generation FZ-S while Suzuki is all set to curtain off their Gixxer.

What matters is Cost

Behind this rush of vehicles, the main objective which a buyer of this class will always think of being “COST”. This cost is the combined package of “cost of vehicle” and “cost of ownership”.

cost matter

A rider/user will always get him or herself with a bike of personal choice. The technology and advance features become secondary when looks are concerned. Within the 150cc segment, a big lot of people choose FZ, without even going through the power and torque figures of the bike.

So, The conclusion is….


The fuel prices will keep fluctuating and wishes will never die, it is mandatory to keep your Bike maintained, so that it won’t flush your money, chasing performance. Manufacturers are nowadays, identified by their vehicle performance and not by the experience they have in serving low range motorbikes. It seems to be natural that the genes of company’s flagship product keep flowing in all the other products as well. Hence if you choose Yamaha, you will definitely feel performance and thrust while Hero moto Corp will serve you comfort and Economy.