The famous Formula-1 champion Michael Schumacher is currently facing his critical phase of life. He had met with an accident while skiing and hit his head on a rock. This impact was so strong that he cracked his helmet during collision and gone under head and brain injuries. He is 44 years old and has won many Formula-1 races continuously. As per doctors, he would have died if his Ski helmet was off. He has been kept under observation for next 48 hrs and till now no good range of improvement has been recorded.

Michael Schumacher health

As per Doctors, Schumacher has gone in coma and it is not the time to say anything good or bad about the improvement in his health. As per the sightseers, he refused to stay on the skiing tracks and moved towards the cautious zone. Due to high snow and avalanches, the rocks got wrapped beneath them. He hit his right hand side part of head with the rock which made him hospitalized immediately. Doctors say that Michael Schumacher is in fighting with artificial coma and a state of hypothermia. He is kept at a cure friendly temperature while his family is praying for him along with other colleagues and fans in the Hospital. We wish all the best to the Formula Race King and wish him to get back to the track soon.