India’s biggest automobile manufacturing company Maruti Suzuki has started an offer specially to lure the customers for the 2014 festive season in India. The festive season of Navaratri and Diwali as known to be the biggest car selling season of India and all the car companies offer many deals for the customers to cash the opportunity with both the hands. Maruti Suzuki is the 2nd company after the Datsun to announce such offers in Public.

The company has named it as ‘Maruti Suzuki Sona Chandi Utsav 2014’ and under this offer, the customers will be getting the different jaw-dropping deals during this festive season. There would be a different offer only for the Maruti Suzuki Swift Xdi as well, though in Jaipur only. The offer goes as follows.

Maruti Suzuki Sona Chnadi Utsav 2014 Deals

  • There is a guaranteed Gold Coin free for every customer who books any of the Maruti Suzuki cars.
  • The second deal says that customers will get 30 grams silver free while exchanging their old car with the Maruti Suzuki’s new car.
  • The next deal is about getting a free silver coin if you choose Maruti Suzuki to quote an estimate rate for your current car.
  • The final deal is for Jaipur inhabitants only and it says that if you buy a new Maruti Suzuki Swift Xdi during this festive season, then you’ll get 4th year extended warranty for the car and the on-road price of the Maruti Suzuki Swift Xdi petrol will be INR 5.40 Lac in Jaipur.

Now, I don’t see any single reason to deny these lucrative offers, if I’m seriously thinking to buy a car this festive season in India, then this could be one of the best offer I’ll ever get.