In Bollywood, there are many films listed that showed promise but did not get released. If they got released, perhaps they could be big blockbuster movies of Indian cinema but because of many reasons they never came on theatrical screen till now.

Behind unreleased movies, there are not only one or two things that are responsible but also there are various kinds of problems that occurred at the time of release such as sometimes financial problems, unfortunate death of someone of the movie, banned because of controversial stories and some other reasons.

Some movies are still in the reels’ box and will get released after long time such as kamal Swaroop’s movie Om-Dar-Ba-Dar, which was completed 26 years before but finally, it will release on January 17, 2014.

rang rasiya movie

Here is the list of some movies, never released to the theaters:

Movie Name Year of Completion Director Release Date Reason 
Om-Dar-Ba-Dar 1988 Kamal Swaroop 17-Jan-14 Reasons still unknown
Zamaanat 1998 S Ramanathan very soon Passed away of its Director after completion of movie
Rang Rasiya 2008 Ketan Mehta not confirm Reasons still unknown
Chor Mandali 1984 Sanjay Khanna not confirm Financial tangles
Chemistry 2011 Sai Kabir not confirm Due to several obstacles
Kissa Kursi Ka 1977 Amrit Nahata banned Banned by Indian Govt.during the Emergency period
Ladies Only 1997  Dinesh Shailendra not confirm Reasons still unknown
Percy 1989 Pervez Mehrwanji not confirm Reasons still unknown
Khabardar 1984 T Rama Rao not confirm Reasons still unknown
Paanch 2001 Anurag Kashyap not confirm Heady depiction of violence, drug abuse and explicit language
Yaar Meri Zindagi 1971 Mukul Dutt 2008
Love in Bombay 1975 Joy Mukherjee 2013