Smartphones and mobile phones are the things that are growing day by day and it is expected that it will increase with tremendous rate in this coming future. This exponential increase in smartphone market shows people interest in technology. This interest encourage technologists to develop new things and to one step ahead in mobile world.

As we know, there are latest technologies that are hitting market currently such as latest OS like Android, IOS and Blackberry, windows and also we are surrounded with thousands of apps, games and gadgets. This field is growing day by day and should increase in coming future, so what are the new technologies that we are going to see and what are the technologies that we wish to see that can take smartphone industry and its usage to next level?

Upcoming Mobile Technologies

Here we are listing the latest technology that can hit the market in coming future of 2 to 5 years. These technologies include advancement of better picture, sound and other interfaces, we also wish that it should also come with tougher configuration which could handle multiple tasks at one place. It is somewhat close to multitasking phones and gadgets that can assist our mobile devices for better working.

Foldable and flexible displays – Think of a phone that is big enough that it can’t fit into pocket directly then the phone is folded to shorten the size and put it into pocket, it seems like a science fiction movie. In coming recent years we will be able to have such smartphones that can be folded and flexible enough that can be twisted or tilted. Researchers of big industries are working on it and come with a material called OLED that can replace the usual LED for screen manufacturing. OLED is Organic LED that is smart and efficient enough that is flexible enough to be folded.

Open source mobile software – Previously you must have heard about various open source operating systems and desktop applications but major Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Google, Nokia are working on open source mobile software in which a single software can run on various number and kinds of mobile devices. Currently mobile operating system varies from device to device and company to company and now companies are planning to go for single software that can run on various numbers of mobile devices.

Mobile Commerce – Currently there are some mobile commerce are working but this point is added in this list because there is so much improvement that could be done. Currently we can transfer our money and access our bank account but in future we could use our mobile in place of cash payments and cheque books.

Augmented Reality – Augmented reality is live, copy view of real world environment whose elements are augmented or supplemented by computer generated sensors as sound, videos, graphics or GPS. AR makes more information available for us and combines the computer data to develop better interface and give real life view.

3D screens and Holograms – Smartphones have reached to top level of screen resolution and now, it’s time to move to next level in screening, i.e. 3D screens. 3D screens and displays are the new change that everyone wants to see in the new Smartphones. Currently we have some 3D phones in market but they are not up to mark and there is a lot to come in this field.