Last updated on : May 30, 2017

Upcoming Smartphone Technologies for Future

As the name suggests, Smartphones are getting way too smarter day by day, as they now come with all the features a mini computer can have. Not like the mobile phones of the previous decade, smartphones of today are blessed with extended qualities such as inbuilt high-quality camera lenses, mobile apps that aid productivity, and video-streaming as well as connectivity, which help millions to stay connected while on the go. Things like gesture interface, which we have all seen in the Tom Cruise film Minority Report seemed a bit fictional at that time (2002), but surprisingly it is a reality in smartphone technology today. Latest mobile technology is not transforming but also just changing the way of our living and imagination.

Considering the ongoing latest technology in mobile phones, it is a bit hard to predict, what we will be going to witness in near future. Meanwhile, in the time of waiting, why not make some guesses by observing current technology? We have researched and have come up with 6 upcoming technologies in the smartphone sector, which will make your eyes widen and your mouth filled with just a single word, “WOW..!!”. Let us have a look at these upcoming technologies.

Electrovibration Technology: The Touch and Feel of it

Electrovibration Technology in Smartphones

Electrovibration technology will completely change the smartphone experience, as it will allow users to feel a different kind of textures on your mobile screen. This will also boost up the usage of online shopping, just think once that you will be able to feel the fabric, texture, and quality of the cloth on your smartphone screen. So, after coming to this technology, you will not have to worry about the quality and can feel the product in your hands at home.

Disney researchers are working dedicatedly on this technology for a long time, they want to offer a touchscreen that let you feel the texture. According to some tech experts, the technology will be implemented on a large scale across touchscreen devices by the end of 2017. This technology works on the concept that, with the help of electrostatic charges, your mind can be tricked easily into feeling texture simply by touching the device’s screen. Reportedly, the techno giant Apple is also working on this technology and has already filed some patents related to this technology.

Apart from the online shopping, Electrovibration technology will also lead to many social benefits. For example, blind people can use it as a braille and can use smartphone easily just like normal people.

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Speech to Speech Translation: Communicating with the World Through a Fingertip

Speech to Speech Translation Technology in Future Smartphones

Microsoft, in 2012 introduced a fabulous speech-to-speech translation, and as a result, real-time multi-language conference calls is now getting into a commercial reality in 2017. Moreover, IBM has also announced to open its Watson supercomputing platform, especially for third-party developers. The steps taken by these technology giants will also allow language processing features to be built into normal applications. After that users will be able to even discuss any matter across the world with just a single tap, without any aid of a mediator or a translator.

The Brain-Computer Interface: When Your Thoughts Become Commands

Brain Computer Interface Technology in Future Mobile Phones

Each and every thought that occur in our brain has its own unique brainwave pattern and we all know that any two electrostatic signals can not be same. These electric signals can then be used to map out different commands. In simple words, we can say that the brain-computer interface in your smartphone can detect the brain waves coming from your mind and will preferably execute the action.

This awesome futuristic technology is also expected to be seen in some of the commercial application by the end of 2017. After the arrival of this technology, You will not even have to get out of your bed to pull on the curtains, you will just have to think and your mobile phone will do the rest by detecting your thoughts. The potential for such a fantastic software interface, which allows you to control your smartphone just by your mind is ravishing.

Wireless, Speedy Charging Becomes a Reality

Wireless & Speedy Charging Technology in Future Smartphones

Rapid battery drainage is one of the most common issues for most of the smartphone users today. The smartphone is getting used to perform many tasks such as music, the Internet, Camera and much more, which results in fast drainage of battery. There are also some reports in the market of users claiming that they have to charge their smartphones on a daily basis. However, the market talks also report that smartphone users in the world will soon be able to charge their mobile phones by everyday activities such as walking or tapping the screen, not only this, but your body heat can also be used to charge your device up.

Apart from this, people are also waiting for availability of the ultra-rapid charger, which will come with an advanced battery technology that will charge up your device completely in just 30 seconds of time. Moreover, the year 2017 is also expected to witness a new technology, which will allow using one gadget to charge another without connecting then with any kind of wires.

Flexible and Wearable Smartphones

Flexible & Wearable Smartphone

Along with the enhancement in technology, the companies are also showing a keen interest in design and style of their products. A new era of gadget market is emerging in which flexibility and wearability are becoming the new arms of any smartphone. According to some reports, mobile screens will soon be able to be folded and unfolded by using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. So, users will soon be able to watch their favorite movie or games on large screen and then they can fold it to pocket size without much hassle.

This technology will also encourage the prevalence of paper thin screens, which can be projected from both the sides. That means you will be able to show pictures or videos to your friend from one side while using another side for controlling.

Merged Reality

Merged Reality Technology in Future Phones

The merged/mixed reality is basically a technology, in which the objects of the virtual and real world can interact with each other. For example, if you a playing a virtual video game, then you will also be able to pick up the umbrella beside you and fight with it in the game. For this, leading technology organizations Intel and Microsoft are also working on two projects named as ‘Project Alloy’ and ‘Windows Holographic Shell’. Project Alloy is the technology, which offers a wireless headset and allows you to bring real objects into the virtual world using 3D cameras, whereas, the Windows Holographic Shell offers just the reverse of it, which means it allows virtual computer screens, objects, and people into the real world.

Both of the technology will be seen for commercial purpose in 2018, but it will take a lot of time to reach the common marketplace. Still, it can be assumed that in a few years you will be able to attend a sporting event or concert without leaving your home.