srk-is-aliveThe news is spread everywhere that the most famous actor of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan has died in a car accident on Wednesday. SRK fans from all over the world got shocked with this news. This dreadful information budges the whole India.

But all is a death chicanery and SRK is the prey of this hoax. The rumours about Shahrukh’s death protracted everywhere that he met with an accident at the shooting of his upcoming movie Happy New Year in Mumbai.

The question is who the main lead, which bombards this blowing news. The prank of death changes in a huge brawl. Fans of the Bollywood king, media and everyone were in flick. The rumours began with the new facebook page which is titled R.I.P. Shahrukh Khan with a message “Shahrukh Khan died”pull the people to read that news.

After all these drama over his death, SRK himself confirmed on Thursday that he is alive. He attended lots of celebrity and made clear that he is not dead and that was all the part of the hoax, someone play with him.

His fans have manifested the rage and claimed that this all incident is really a bad joke and also a wrong way to being popular.