Whenever we hear the name of the food festival, our appetite for food doubles up thinking about a table full of delicious delicacies. Now, to promote Kashmir’s rich ethnic cuisine and culture of the State, Jammu & Kashmir Tourist Development Corporation (JKTDC) is organizing a series of a food festival in different places across India. Starting with Jammu, JKTDC hosts Hersa festival on 16 to 17 December in Wazwaan restaurant.

Farooq A Shah, the Secretary Tourism and MD of JKTDC had aired about the food festival when he was taking the stock of the preparations for the ongoing winter season and also for the 2016 summer season with JKTDC managers, engineers and other staff members at TRC Jammu. All the tourists that make their stay at JKTDC properties can enjoy their holiday as the organization offers quality service to them.

Farooq A Shah stated,

“It’s the dream of Chief Minister to see JKTDC as best tourism corporation of the country”. JKTDC has expanded its room capacity by adding standard 100 rooms in the last 10 months besides upgrading and inaugurating its infrastructure all over the state including a state of the art Pahalgam club”.

To teach the professional outlook among the staff and management of JKTDC, capacity building programs and training sessions were organized to the waiters and other officials, who directly cater to the guests. The main aim behind this food festival is to promote rich, unique and ethnic cuisine and culture of the state and it would be an effective medium to promote the state as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.