The government of the India opted a new way and is planning to build separate new hotels for the MPs, who have been still staying for almost one year after the Lok Sabha, which was already ended on 16 May, 2014. The next 17th Lok Sabha will be held in 2019, where the members of parliament will not get the comfort of five-star hotels for more than three months.

With 32 MPs are still staying at the Ashoka Hotel, Delhi and they have been given notice to leave their hotel rooms by 13 May, otherwise they have to pay the bill themselves. Mr. Arjun Meghwal, Lok Sabha House committee chairman stated,

“Our aim is to ensure that there is no sizeable burden on the government exchequer due to five-star stay of MPs”.

The government has footed around INR 35 crore to accommodate MPs, paying INR 7,000 per night at the Ashoka Hotel. So, due to paying this heavy amount, the government has decided to build two new hotels, one at Western Court in the heart of the city and another one for Ex-MPs visiting Delhi. Currently, for Ex-MPs, the present accommodation is being provided in Vithal Bhai Patel (VP) house.

Both the hotels will be open for the outsiders, whenever they are not occupied by MP’s and Ex-MP’s. One of the members of the Rajya Sabha House Committe said,

“We will be cross subsidizing the facility. The rooms will be given on subsidized rates to MPs and Ex MPs, while from the other guests, we will be charging the usual rack rate of anything between INR 5000 and INR 7000 per night”.