As we have earlier discussed about the IBM’s Supercomputer Chef Watson and its 65 recipes cookbook, which gradually gathered immense popularity. And, out of its 65 recipes, Indian Turmeric Paella– an Indian dish introduced here for you.

Basically, Paella is a Spanish dish comprises of rice, saffron, chicken and seafood. The Indian Turmeric Paella is the presence of socarrat having the toasty, browned rice that settled at the bottom of the pan. Making a paella is very simple, but you have to wait for a while to heat it properly.


 While cooking Paella, you have to do things in the right order, such as stir the ingredients properly to pull out the right flavours. Here, the most difficult technique is to cut the mango in the form very thin slices, beacause doing it manually with a knife takes skill and patience, which is not possible. You can do one thing, a mandoline, which is just a slicer with razor-sharp blades for super thin cuts.

If you like this recipe, you can try out this at home, which do not require high-tech kitchen gadgets and also it iakes less time in cooking. We are providing you with a referral link, contains the list of ingredients and the whole process for your ease.