With great efforts, finally Indian Chef Gaggan Ananad succeeded to include his restaurant in the world’s top 10 restaurants. Moving up 10th place, from the 17th, Gaggan restaurant makes its prestigious position in the world’s best restaurant.

 Situated on Soi Lang Suan, Bangkok, Gaggan Ananad continuously impress their customers by delectable Indian dishes using modern culinary methods. He also loves to reconstruct the Indian dishes with the new flavours. This approach is something playful, adventurous and inspiring with a classic street dish.

The restaurant was opened in 2010 with a very small scale on a street of Bangkok and now the restaurant has achieved the biggest milestone, categorized under the world’s top 10 restaurants. According to chef Gaggan Ananad Indian dishes are badly presented and it’s never at a fine level, such as French, Italian, and Japanese. Currently, the dishes, which are available at the restaurants include bite-size foie gras mousse sandwich on a tiny onion water baguette, scallops with coriander and coconut curry, and grilled free-range lambs chops with almond saffron oil.