Last updated on – 20th October, 2015

If the concerning affair is the sheer pleasure of highway riding, then nothing beats a cruiser from Harley or Indian. Both the ventures have introduced new pedals in their flock, but the Indian Scout has a better room for scope in Indian market. The basic equipments of this bike are lavishly bold and throw the onlookers to a distance so as to get the proper show on the single view. This bike is crafted with ultra broad dimensions, let it be tyres, fuel tank, engine, seats or any other thing, they all are puffed to grab a road space which usually cars occupy. But you won’t be paying any toll-tax for this.

This bike is directly placed after the Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight. The Harley is a huge governor in the cruiser segment. They have captured a good portion of the globe and the fan list is still following. The Forty Eight is a tough contender with a bulky Harley engine maintaining the traditional taste of their skills. Though, the bike is not as fatty as the Indian Scout, but the differentials among them are awesome in disguised tastes. One needs to get over them to cut the exact potential.

How do they differ?

When the talk is about bulky vintage looks, then all the flags down to the Indian Scout. Excessively smart work has been carried out and the results are really fascinating. The extra long wheelbase and highly adventurous corners are the key spots of this bike to make a rider go crazy.  The anticipations are endless, but the Indian has tried to install everything into this single machine.


The Harley is more or less similar in core terms. The steel spoke rims are wrapped with muscle rubbers, but it’s not that long. Every single inch of this bike boasts the classic taste of HD and rules out the still-developing players with fleshy character. The all black under seat profile with chrome exposed exhaust tubes are great to look, while the fuel tank’s shape seems to be over headed due to its peanut design.

The Indian Scout has a handle design which leans nicely towards the rider’s end. This is probably because of the lengthy design. The handlebar for the HD Sportster Forty Eight is more of a scrambler design. It is also been recently improved for better controls, new colors and strong brakes. The exhaust system has also been tweaked for double barrel design, new mufflers, and catalyst with oxygen sensor.

The Roaring Territory

The Indian Scout is powered by an engine which is smaller than the other bikes in the company’s lineup. It goes with an 1133cc v-twin engine with liquid cooling and fuel injection technology. The 100HP of power is recovered at the final spot of the performance with 8000RPM. In accordance to this, it generates 97.7Nm of torque at 5900RPM. All these things look astonishing on paper, but the on-road words are on contrast fraction of the same. The reports are saying that the before production motorbikes are experiencing power fluctuation when compared within the same models. The variations were also noticed with the vehicle’s stability over different speeds.  The engine is breaded for stress free ride ability and eight valve DOHC in oversquare config with counter balancer are empowered for the same reason. Planting the bike with so much of wise stuffing didn’t result a good thing as a combination. The legacy of Indian bikes will take time to continue till the showroom model passes under the human hands.


The Harley Davidson boy in the combat is playing the run with air cooled 1200cc engine. The sound that roars has a character of Harley. You can also read it in reverse order, the context will go same. The 70.8ft-lb of torque on a wild RPM of 3500 is the roaring agent for this bike. The aluminium cylinder heads are mirror clean with the punch of dull yet commendable powder coating over the engine. The engine is an established one and doesn’t sound tricky at all concerning the performance.

And Finally…

The Indian Scout is making its appearance at a slower pace, but after the subsequent launch of the vehicle, the demands are going to boost briskly. The HD on the other side is an old runner in the industry with a good audience to support. People willing to buy their bike in next few days can go with the forty eight and patience holders can bite their share after the arrival of the well dressed Scout from Indian.