Tyres, soul of the motorcycle. The one and only thing which is capable to provide contact with the ground. Tyres are the backbone of any motorcycle, as it provides better handling capacity to the rider, if it is positioned on a correct alignment. A rider should always have an inspection of the motorcycle before going for a long drive or while going for a normal ride also, because the tyres of the motorcycle means a lot. If you are messing up with their condition, then surely you are digging up your own grave. Doing all the new experiments with tyres of your motorcycle and creating a hoopla in itself will lead you to a chaotic situation.

Well, here I am going to let you know about the different types of tyres, which are being used in various kinds of motorcycles, just like cruiser, motocross, etc.

Let’s have a look over here:

Motocross Tyres

These types of tyres are largely used on the off-road riding situation. Motocross motorcycle manufacturer like KTM, mainly use this kind of tyres, which can go off-road in an easy manner. These types are also known as knobby tyres. Motocross tyres have been designed in such a manner, which provides more stiffness on rigid roads and it also features a pretty good resistance to hold against puncture, while riding off-road. Motocross tyres are thin sized.

Motocross Tyres

This type of tyre comes under All-Terrain category. The main purpose behind the use of these tyres in the off-road motorcycles is the grip, which is provided by the knobs of the motocross tyres. The knobby tyres allow its knobs to dig into the dirt, mud, sand or even in gravel and promises to provide better grip in any situation. The more aggressive rubber knobs, the more grip they provide.

Cruiser Tyres

Cruiser motorcycles are being used specifically for touring purposes. These motorcycles provide you great and comfort riding posture while going for a long drive and the tyres promises to provide more reliability during the ride. The tyres of cruiser motorcycle are made up of harder rubber, which is meant for more durability. They offer more grip in optimal temperature situations, like in cold or winter weather. The size of the Cruiser tyres could be thick or thin, as it totally depends on the manufacturer and motorcycle’s specifications.

Cruiser Tyres

Along with the high engine displacement, these tyres offer good fuel economy while riding across the country. It can be tubeless or with tube, depends on your choice. These tyres could be able to bare high pressure and the loading capacity is also pretty much good enough, as it is designed for touring purposes.

Sports Bike Tyres

These tyres of sports bike are especially designed for sporting purposes. These types of tyres offer you amazing grip while riding on the race tracks but the only drawback is that it doesn’t last long. They could be able to make out a 1,000 miles on the race track. One more type of tyre is being designed for racing purpose, which is capable to offer you stunning grip for cornering. These kinds of tyres could be able to bear the temperature achieved at the time of racing.

Sports Tyres

The manufacturer of these tyres does not recommend it for the normal ride in the city streets, as they have a shorter life span as compared to other street tyres. The sports bike tyres are made up of softer rubber material, as it requires a higher internal temperature to get warmed up and to perform in a better manner. These are middle-sized, neither much thick nor thin.

Commuter Tyres

Commuter type of tyres can be ridden at the city level. You cannot go for long drives loading things on your bike and can’t even use for racing purpose. The commuter tyres are designed in a different manner, they are not much thicker in size and neither have had enough number of knobs over it. They acquire a basic infrastructure of a normal tyre.

Commuter Tyres

Well, that doesn’t mean they do not provide better grip or riding quality. While riding in the city streets, they do offer enough grip and durability, which work for a long time. They are planned in simple pattern.


Always prefer tubeless tyres, as it doesn’t have a tube inside it so the hole made by a nail does not expand very quickly and gives you enough longer time. It also improves the performance and handling of the motorcycle and provides better fuel efficiency. The over-all check-up of the tyre includes its inflation pressure, tread depth; it shouldn’t have any broken spokes and the alignment of the tyre should also be positioned correctly.