Google, in the starting of 1998 came as a software manufacturing firm, with a focus on working for its search engine. With the passage of time, the company developed some mind blowing web applications, Android and Chrome. Of late, the company stepped out from its shell of software arena to make an extensive move on the hardware platform. Initially, the steps taken by the company were small, as it firstly initiated working with partners like LG and Samsung to build mobile phones, Tablets, and Chromebooks, then leisurely started working out for its self-made pixel eventSeems like Google is no longer in the mood of relaxing around and work on other company’s platforms. On Tuesday, at its #madebygoogle launching event, the company introduced a completely new range of next generation gadgets made by the company’s own robust and efficient in-house product teams. The company has also introduced a Speech-Controlled, AI-powered assistant, used to bring all gadgets in a synchronized connection. Let’s see what the company has given to our upcoming future:

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

google pixel smartphone

Finally, Google has introduced its self-made smartphones dubbed as Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The smartphones resemble a bit like Apple iPhone. Both the smartphones are blessed with aluminium frames and glass backs, and there is no camera protrusion, giving it a sleek and smooth design language. Apart from the external appearance, what actually matters is the specifications which define the products as smart gadgets. On the specifications part, the Pixel comes with an unprecedented amount of AI, a Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, Daydream-ready VR status and a fabulous rear camera.

google pixel xl smartphone

The 5-inch  Google Pixel and 5.5-inch Google Pixel XL are believed to be most powerful and most unified Android phones ever. They are fueled up with best-in-class specs, best-in-class design, and best-in-class everything. The specification part of the smartphones includes 32GB and 128GB of storage, a big battery and a fingerprint sensor at the back. The Pixel bears a 1080p display while Pixel XL comes with a display of 1440 X 2160 pixels resolution. The 12-megapixel camera of the handset surpasses every other smartphone’s camera that surprisingly also includes iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – the most talked about phone these days. Though the new Pixel pair doesn’t support waterproof ability but comes with a 3.5mm jack.

Daydream view VR Headset

daydream view vr headset

Google Daydream View is totally different from many other Virtual Reality headsets. It is not heavy, doesn’t take an hour to set up and it doesn’t need any high-end PC to operate it. What’s more? – your head too will not be wrapped with cables while using it. However, the only aspect that makes Daydream similar to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is that you look silly wearing it. The new VR headset is designed to smugly fit over the glasses and as mentioned beforehand, the gadget even doesn’t ask for any wiring to sync it up with the smartphone you own.

As per Google, purchasing a VR headset is worthless unless one gets to do different yet unique tasks in it. Keeping the same factor in mind, Google as a company also announced an inbuilt app store’s worth of content for Daydream. Using the services provided by Google, you can easily enjoy the comfort of your personal (virtual) movie theater. Apart from this Netflix, Hulu, HBO and others are also Daydream-compatible. The Google Daydream View will be available in Slate, Snow and crimson color variants priced at USD 80.

New Daydream VR Toys

daydream vr toys

The new VR headset introduced by the techno manufacturing firm comes with a handy remote to access the things in the virtual world. As stated above, buying just the VR headset is of no use unless one gets to do some actions in it. So, Google designed a remote controlled device featuring two buttons and a trackpad built upon it. Upon usage, the user gets the feeling of using a magic wand right inside the virtual world. The twisting of the wand has its own benefits like you can tilt a virtual table, make a ball move, and you can also feed a terrifying monster in a VR-based game by using that console.

Google Home

google home

Google Home is basically a voice-controlled Wi-Fi speaker, which was first detailed at Google’s developer conference held in May. The smart device is a clear competitor of Amazon Echo. It is capable of providing the access to any task just by voice instructions. Like if you want to watch a movie, you can simply ask for it and Google Home will shortlist and give you a complete list of all the movies being played in the local theaters at that instant of time . Additionally, You can also add two or more Home speakers to play a music track or anything.

The pre-bookings of Google Home has begun from today itself and hence enthusiastic users can buy it for a price of USD 129 (approximately Rs 8,583). The Google Home will be available blessed with an elegant design language. You can simply choose between brightly colored bases from purple to light blue to gray. Talking more about the design, the smart device comes with a touch-sensitive panel at the top and swappable bases of different colors.

New 4K Chromecast

google new 4k chromecast

Google’s new 4K Chromecast is it’s most admiring and praising hardware gadget to date. The company has sold more than 30 million units of the device globally, a number that is surely going to rise in the near future. The new Chromecast comes with 4K video support in both HDR10 and Dolby vision formats. The company has upgraded the gadget in a way that it gets the capability of streaming ultra HD content from YouTube, Vudu, Netflix etc.

The Chromecast Ultra as per company is two times faster in terms of streaming than its previous variant and also comes with an inbuilt connectivity support. It also features an Ethernet port for Wi-Fi connectivity. The coolest feature that lets this device stand apart from rest of the crowd is its ability to connect with Google Home, making it easier for the user to simply request for a movie or any famous soap by just asking for it.

Google Assistant

google assistant everywhere

Google has also introduced Google Assistant that works on the same concept as observed in Siri and will assist you in any task. It can help finding anything in the world and can tell you the exact working of tasks one finds a bit hard to understand. For example, you can simply ask “When did India get Independence” and the Assistant will instantly reply you by “15 August 1947”.

Google Wi-Fi

google wi-fi

Before the final closure of #madebygoogle event, the company also introduced a Wi-Fi device dubbed as Google Wi-Fi, which can provide you a seamless coverage of signals throughout your home. If one is using Google Wi-Fi, he can without a second doubt replace or remove his default router. Another good thing about this new Google Wi-Fi is that it allows the user to cover a large area giving a better signal strength overall.