Rajasthan, the place where Maharajas reside is known for its rich society. Along with this, the thing which makes the state distinctive and popular is its cuisine. Rajasthani people love their food, which has been clearly shown in their arrangements. In each delicacy, you can find authentic spices that act as a cherry on the cake!!? That’s why people come from far away places to enjoy the taste of the cuisines.

Now, we are here to take you on the gastronomic journey of Rajasthani dishes, where you can experience and explore many things that you have never thought!! From Dal Baati Churma to Ker Sangri, Mohanthaal to Gevar, all are acclaimed dishes from the state. So, are you guys ready to delve into the authentic delicacies of Rajasthan? If yes, then go through the list in which we have mentioned 10 food items that will enhance your hunger at first look.

Here are the 10 delicacies from the land of Maharajas that you have to just try:

Methi Bajra Poori


The sizzling Rajasthani snack, which is very popular among the health conscious people. As it’s prepared in the minimum amount of oil that renders a mind-blowing taste with chutney and Aloo ki Sabzi.

Aam ki Launji


As soon as summer season arrives, you will get to see Aam ki Launji in each household of Rajasthan. It’s a type of pickle, prepared from raw mangoes?, which is accompanied by Roti or Paratha.

Pyazz Kachori


Pyazz kachori has become the famous breakfast on Sunday morning? in the state. This variation of kachori has been sold out at every namkeen and sweets shop, which is enjoyed with sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

Gatte ka Pulao


It’s a nice variation of rice combined with spicy gatte that provides a rich flavour and also good for the health. Many times you have heard the name of Ram Pulao, which is another name of Gatte ka Pulao.

Rajasthani Kadi


As soon as you hear the name of kadi, your mouth starts drooling!!? All of you have had Kadi from Punjab and Maharashtra, but this Rajasthani version is totally different from both of them. This pungent and spicy dish is a staple diet and goes well with rice.

Boondi ka Raita


A mouthwatering combination of mild and salty boondi mixed with yoghurt or buttermilk, which is enjoyed by every North Indian. Mainly, it’s a side dish that balances the taste of spices in your food.



Mohanthaal or Besan ki Barfi is one of the best sweets of Rajasthan that can easily satisfy your sweet-tooth. It has a nice chewy texture and leaves a grainy flavour in your mouth.

Ker Sangri


The most authentic dish of Rajasthan, which is a mark of royalty in the high-class weddings. It’s a kind of pickle that goes well with Bajra roti.

Dal Baati Churma


If you are in the state and have not tasted Dal Baati Churma, then your trip is useless!! This appetizing combination makes you crazy and will surely want to eat again.



A unique version of sweet, prepared with ghee, flour, paneer and sugar syrup. Mostly, this dessert will get to see during the time festivals with different assortments, such as Malai Ghevar, Plain Ghevar and Mava Ghevar.