Texting and net surfing till hours may have enlarged your network, but access use may leave a negative impact on your wrist, palm, fingers and hands. Daily changes in technology have dissolved in our life so that surfing on gadgets like smartphones and tablets may become a reason of “text claw” disease for our hands.

mobile harmsMore use of smartphones may become a common reason of different kinds of problems for hands, fingers, wrist and arms. It is called the problem of text claw, according to senior doctor and orthopedic surgeon of Weill Cornell medical center, New York. Pain in hands, swelling and cramps are the common symptoms of this problem.

If you are facing the problem of pain and swelling than reduce the use of these gadgets and follow these steps for relief:

Warm and cold cushioning – Wet and squeeze a towel in warm water or use a bag filled with warm water and cushion it on the affected area. It will remove the cramps of muscles and you will get relief from pain as well.

Exercise of Hands – Straight your hands and then stretch them forward and backward. It will help in tiredness of your hands.

Stretching – Straight you hands and stretch the fingers left and right and then stretch the fingers of your left hand with right hand.
These small exercises may really help if you are facing text claw due to access use of smartphones.