Delhi Assembly Election Results 2013In some states elections have been successfully held and some are still to witness and one of them is Delhi that will witness the election today on Wednesday 4, 2013. It is being said that this time there are high numbers of new voters registered who will vote and write the destiny of Delhi election. There are 2 major parties BJP and Congress as usual which are in the battle to hold the reins of Delhi but this time in 2013 there is a new party that has surfaced which is challenging both the mains. It is ‘AAP’, Aam Admi Party.

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There are 1.2 crore voters expected that will today cast their votes but it is uncertain that what would be the result. Even though whatever the result will be but it will change and impact the national politics. Now nothing cannot be said and predicted. It is all uncertainty that is prevailing that this time which party will win?

Election result is expected to be announced on 8th of December. All is waiting for the result. The new debutant party AAP has become very wide spread in Delhi but it is uncertain whether it would win or not. Even though people of the party have high hopes for it. Congress has weakened this time now in Delhi and it is perhaps not certain that Congress will win the election. On the other hand BJP is taking the benefit of weakened Congress party.

In politics nothing could be said. It is the game of uncertainty that can become certain anytime without giving any indication. What is expected could turn into unexpected and what is unexpected could turn into expected. But everything will become certain when result will come.

Delhi and Mizoram Assembly Polls 2013:

States Seats Polling Date of Counting
Delhi 70 4-Dec-13 8-Dec-13
Mizoram 40 4-Dec-13 8-Dec-13