In the luxury auto world, there are a number of cars available in India for the customers. The luxury car market in India has prominently been getting handled by the German trio of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Recently, Audi facelifted its A4 sedan with a few changes in interiors and exteriors where Mercedes-Benz also launched its new C-class luxury sport to compete with other latest luxury cars of the same range. Here, we’re comparing New Audi A4 Sedan vs Mercedes-Benz new C-Class cars on the basis of important factors like price, engine, mileage, etc.

Audi A4 vs Mercedes-Benz new C-Class
Engine & Mileage Comparison

Most important thing to concern is the mileage of a car which is not possible without an efficient and powerful powertrain. However, the powerful engine is to make them speedier than a normal tourer so we have to compromises a little bit on the kmpl distance.

The Audi A4 facelift has been integrated with 2.0-litre TDI, generating 177 bhp power and 380 Nm torque. With the help of this engine, this car can hit the mark of 100 kmph in just 7.9 seconds and runs 222 kmph of top speed as well. The A4 sedan also offers an extraordinary mileage of 17.11 kmpl. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz new C-Class car too has a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine but in petrol. It churns out comparatively less mileage of 14.74 kmpl but, the new C-Class sedan has the ability to run at 235 kmph of top speed and can achieve the 100 kmph mark in just 7.3 seconds, which counters its Audi contemporary.

Interior and Exterior Features

Interiors and exteriors also hold some points while we’re thinking to own a new car. In luxury cars, we have top class interiors with safety features and a classic look too.

Both the luxury roadsters have classy features as per their customers requirements. And as always, Audi has attracted the customers with its comfy looks and royal cabin and garnishing this new A4 luxury car with angular front fog lamps, headlamps with DRL LEDs, adjustable seats, latest speedometer and integrated safety features which make the car more comfortable and safe for the journey.

While, the C-Class sedan has a unique chrome inserted console in centre of the cabin, auto climate control system and electrically adjustable seats. For the safety purposes, this car has embedded with a reverse parking camera, 7 airbags and latest braking system making it a very safe drive than its counterparts.

Price Comparison

Price is one of the most important factor that has always been taken into the consideration by the customers while buying an expensive mule. But, the price should get justified by the features of the car we are buying.

Audi is known for its pricier runabouts, launched A4 Sedan at INR 38 Lac (ex-showroom), which is not too much for this type of coziness and comfort it provides. Whereas, Mercedes-Benz unveiled new C-Class sport in India at INR 40.9 Lac (ex-showroom) with latest interiors and looks. So, the Audi A4 is more economically efficient than the Mercedes-Benz new C-Class sedan.

So, on the basis of the above comparison, choose which one is the best luxury sport for you.