Laughter is the good remedy for everything, whatever problems in your life. With it you can eradicate your all problems and difficulties. On the other hand there are many health benefits of laughter. In a period of our life there are many incidents and moments happen that make us laugh. They can be anywhere and anything and they just happen to make us laugh. Suppose if these moments and incidents happen every day with us then how and what would be the life? It is like we all day laughing.

And what if you find and know that some incidents and moments will happen every day that you can see on your TV channel and laugh.

Comedy Nights with Kapil

On Colors TV channel at 10 PM on every Sunday there is a laughter show coming that is continuously making laugh everyone. It is ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. It is one of the best laughter shows that is coming on the channel and becoming famous. The show host is Kapil Sharma who is a comedian, romedian, tragedian and everything. With him there are other various characters that comedy. The special thing about this show is, it is not all about comedy. In the show celebrities come and chat with people where with comedy, you always find and learn something important.

Kapil SharmaKapil Sharma: He is the host of the show. As I say above he is everything, comedian, romedian, tragedian and everything. His incomparable style of saying and talking is awesome that makes everyone laugh. His name is Bittu in the show who is always in worries because of his family members.

Sumona ChakravartiSumona Chakravarti: Sumona plays the character of Bittu’s wife in the show that is sometimes in worry that she and Bittu still do not have a Child. Bittu always makes the fun of her whether about her family or about hers. When the show opens they are always in fighting on some topic and it is fun to watch both of them fighting.

Ali Asgar as DadiAli Asgar: He plays the character of Bittu’s Grandmother who does nothing except giving kisses to celebrities who come and always in the want of drinking. She is most seen as a drunkard Daadi.

Sunil Grover as GutthiSunil Grover: It is the most loved and laughed character of the show, Gutthi, who is played by Sunil Grover. Gutthi’s introduction style and manner is laughable and sometimes drives everyone crazy and mad. Other than Gutthi, there are other various characters that are played by Sunil Grover.

Upasana Singh in Comedy NightUpasana Singh: she plays the character of Bittu’s aunt who is still not married and wants to marry. In the show whoever the male celebrity comes, she dreams to marry him and in a chance to convince him she does funny things.

The Gutthi character has become famous in everyone’s eyes but lately we are not often seeing her in the show because Sunil Grover has left the show. The reason is still not confirmed but it is sure that everyone is missing the character of Gutthi. Even though the show is still rocking on the channel where Kapil has come with other awesome characters.