An interview conducted of the famous Canadian Chef Vikram Vij, where he unveiled his plans to export ready-made nosh in India. Chef Vikram Vij is basically from Amritsar, India, but later on he shifted to Canada and today, he is one of the famous chefs in the Canada. He has published many cookbooks and also enticed the people by a popular Canadian reality show- Dragon’ Dene, where he played a role of a judge.

He is running many restaurants with his wife, include Vij’s Restaurants, Rangoli, Railway Express, My Shanti, and Vij’s Sutra in Vancouver, Canada. Chef Vij said during the interview,

The long-term vision is to take my Indian food…back to India, and say ‘look, one of your sons left the country, he went to Canada, he became successful, and now he’s giving back to the country the same love and passion”.

Why Frozen Foods?

Frozen products can be easily transported by road, rail or ship, which have a lower effect of the environmental impact and it can be refrigerated for more 15 days after thawing.

He also added in his interview, 

“I always think of India as my mother. It would be like cooking for my mother”.