The festival offer has brought a jaw dropping offer with Panasonic Viera television. Customers can grab their Viera AS700 at just Rs. 51. The Company has various finance schemes for the same and one can catch the Panasonic TH-60AS700D at an offer price of Rs. 1,84,500. The MRP of the same is Rs. 2,15,000 and with discount, a total of Rs. 30,500 can be saved.
panasonic tv festive offer
The other range of televisions is also available with brilliant discounts, making the products appreciable and value for money .The AS630, model nameTH-42AS630D has a face value of Rs.65,000 and after the discount it can be acquired for Rs. 56,900. Another one in the league is the A300, model name TH-40A300DX holds the MRP of Rs. 47,000 and with offer, it can be purchased for Rs. 39,900. The last one in the scheme is SV6 model name TH-L40SV70, which selling at the offer price of Rs.50,900 while the MRP being Rs. 57,900.

All these televisions are available with assured gifts including Trolley bag worth Rs. 5,999 or 1 year warranty worth Rs. 6,000. The Ultimate Home Makeover Offer has commenced from 25th September 2014 and will terminate by 24th October 2014. During this season customers can win various prizes including a jackpot worth Rs. 55,000, 5 mega jackpots worth Rs. 1,25,000, free vouchers worth Rs. 2,500 and gold plated coins. The assured gift range has included convection microwave oven, Blue ray player, Benetton trolley bag, Benetton duffle bag and extended warranty. Find your nearest Panasonic stores at here.