A great news for the employees, who are working in the corporate offices?as one of the largest quick-service burger chains, Burger King is all set to open its outlets into their premises across India. So, the employees may soon be able to gorge on burgers?from Burger King in your office canteen.

Mr. Rajeev Varman, the CEO at Burger King India stated,

“Technology has changed the way people access food across the world. The way e-commerce has changed the growth of food delivery business in India is not even funny. For instance, in the US market, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are present in Walmarts, on ships, in trains and even in army bases. In India, we need to think of new ways of getting closer to the consumer.”

Many of you know that Burger King is one of the first QSR chains to launch its products on eBay and Paytm. In one year, the company has opened 28 outlets in the country and now planning to open 12 more branches by the end of this year. Mainly, it’s well-known for its signature burger the Whopper, but this time, the company is trying different combinations with rice such as crispy fried Chicken, Fiery Chicken Wings and Gravy.

In India, Vegetarian menus are the main focus of the company as most of the people prefer vegetarian ones, even non-veg customers munch veg on certain days of the week due to religious reasons, especially during the Navratri season, the ratio between veg and non-veg sales at its stores goes up to 65:35.