In the season of summer, weather is getting warm. What if the burning breezes flowing outside the houses touches you and make things disturbed inside the home, creating an irritating atmosphere. What if you feel thirsty or want to drink cold water and you find nothing to quench your thirst. What when you prepare food and it becomes unserviceable at the serving time due to warm weather. Then Refrigerator will solve your problem and irritation. It also saves your food from turning into wastage.

godrej offer 2014

Godrej, an Indian manufacturing company of home appliances is bringing an attractive offer for your home in this summer on its Refrigerators and Air Conditioner. Bring home an efficient refrigerator and Air Conditioner of Godrej to stay cool with fresh food and chilled breeze. Company’s Air Conditioners are energy efficient and provide you 6 star performance that will consume less electricity. Fridge follows the stay cool technology that doesn’t stop the cooling even after electricity power cut. It comes with 10 years compressor warranty. You can also get free fridge ware kit worth Rs. 1,800 and free standard installation worth Rs. 1,200. It also invites you with amazing exchange and finance offers on its products.