When you come to Delhi, it means that you have come to the most happening city of India. Delhi’s people love to eat whenever they find a new spot of eating. You can find the 5 best restaurants in delhi. Even though all restaurants in Delhi are best in their own ways but some of them are very best and unique where people love to dine even they do not feel hungry.

We are going to tell you about 5 best restaurants in Delhi provided when you in future plan to visit it, you know where to dine.

Restaurants in Delhi

Restaurants in Delhi

Here is the 5 Best restaurants in Delhi:

Skooter- Hotel Samrat

This is the best one among the 5 best restaurants in Delhi having business arenas and shopping malls. There are many cultural and monumental attractions. Here you can eat best non-veg dishes. You can also enjoy gigs of music’s bands while eating. Coming here give you a beautiful atmosphere that you like to come again and again to dine.

Warehouse Cafe

It is one of the longest bars in Delhi serving you non-veg dishes. There is also outdoor seating available. Food is good and mouthwatering and served you quick. If you want to take the pegs of drinks and as well as want to eat mouthwatering non-veg dishes then this is the famous one among the 5 best restaurants in Delhi is definitely the right choice for you.

Pirates of Grill

This restaurant is also based on the theme of pirates and offering you live grill facility on your table. The cuisines it serves are North Indian, Continental, Asian and Mediterranean. It is both Veg and Non-veg restaurants. You can also savour here Soups, Salads, Desserts and others.

Barbeque Nation

It’s one of the best and casual dining restaurants in Delhi. There are many others in different cities. At this restaurant you can find, Mediterranean, Indian and Oriental, American cuisines and blend of them. It is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian too.

White waters

If you want to experience the oasis type of atmosphere then you can come to white waters where with eating you can go to the journey of oasis. It is multiple cuisines restaurant with wide options of bar menu. You can have here both wine and dine experience. The cuisines you can eat here Italian, Chinese, North Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican.