How many of you get hunger pangs in midnight after having a good dinner? And, to remove these cramps, you would pain yourself to get up from the cozy comfort of your bed and stand in front of the refrigerator, going through leftovers or searching in the kitchen cupboards for that, which would hit the spot like a big bag filled with chips, burger? or a hot piping bowl of Maggi noodles?. Yes, I know it because this happens with me also. The crave for midnight snacking often due to an early dinner and sleep late.

Beside it, there are various reasons of hunger pangs, such as lack of sleep, depression or just boredom. Now, after munching fast foods or sugary foods at night, you go straight to bed that make difficult for your body to break down and digest these foods as a result like weight gain, diabetes, blood pressure and much more. So, to avoid such type of negative health effects, eat light and healthy foods to satisfy to those sudden crave. Today, we are going to mention 6 healthy foods that are not only tasty, but also packed with multiple benefits.

Remember one thing, do not over-eat. Just have a little to satisfy yourself!!

Here are 6 foods that will satiate your midnight hunger pangs:



Generally, most of the people, especially youth don’t want to eat the oats with milk, so, in that case, you can prepare salty oats by putting Maggi masala over it at the time of cooking for a flavour. Another option, you can also cook oats Idli or Dosa and munch it with Sambhar as it’s healthy.

Almond Milk


If you have an urge for some sweet foods or drinks in the night, then keeping your health in the mind, Almond Milk or Badam Doodh is best that keeps you full through the night. You can also eat the Almond without any supplementary item.

Midnight Bhel


Although, Bhel-Puri is a light and healthy snack, but skip the deep fried sev for a healthier snack. Only add some kurmura, tomatoes and onion and a pinch of chaat masala. Here is your perfect midnight snack..!!

Multigrain Bread Open Sandwiches


Almost everyone loves to munch Sandwiches, but to make it healthy, use brown bread instead of the normal one, which is easily available at your local stores. Put lots of healthy fresh vegetables, some meat and a little cheese over the bread along with butter and for moisture, add green chutney.

Mixed Fruit Yoghurt


Undoubtedly, yoghurt is one of the nutritional products that will make you stay healthy. Combined curd with mixed fruit and add a little honey for sweetness. This is not nutritious but filling too. Remember, avoid fresh fruits like pineapple that might make your curd bitter!

Ragi Chips


Ragi Chips are easily available in the stores as it’s very common. It’s loaded with the nutrients and are very light. You can enjoy them instead of your regular deep fried potato and banana chips.