As the festive of sacrifice, better known as “Bakra Eid” is nearing its arrival. This festival is celebrated after the Hajj is performed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The three-day festival is observed by all the Muslims residing across the globe. And, a domestic animal is sacrificed on any of the three days proper slaughtering. Hence, feasting and partying form the main attractions of the day. All the Muslims get busy in preparing the delicacies for the festival, days before it actually arrives.

On this occasion, new clothesare purchased, houses are cleaned, decorated and lighted. Apart from all these, exotic and traditional delicacies and sweets are prepared. As, it’s the time for slaughtering domestic animals, so the food mainly consists of meat. Today, Especially for Bakra Eid, we are rendering you some appetizing and luxurious dishes to prepare for this occasion, which are easy and simple to cook. Theses dishes can make your festive atmosphere even more special!! Go ahead and give your family along with friends a delectable treat to feast on.

Let’s check out the delicious Bakra Eid Recipes:

Kadhai Gosht


Want to eat some spicy and flavourful delicacy? Then, Kadhai Gosht is just the right one for you. It’s one of the perfect dishes for a special occasion, especially Bakra Eid!!

Mutton Biryani


It’s one of the most popular recipes, mostly cooked on the special occasion. With delectable taste, it leaves the guests licking their fingers.

Balti Gosht


One of the most popular choices for the main course dishes on Bakra Eid. Delicious, succulent and mouth-watering Balti Gosht is cooked and served in a balti or karahi.

Lamb Korma


Prepared by marinating the main ingredients in yogurt, spices, nuts and others. It’s simple an appetizing and succulent dish, which is perfect for the festive season.

Mutton Kaleji


As the name indicates, it’s a mutton liver, which is stir-fry delicacy. The mutton liver can be replaced with calf, lamb, chicken or buffalo liver also.

Shami Kebab


For the starter or a snack, Shami Kebab is the right dish. Looks like a burger patties, which is palatable to taste.



This one is new for you as it’s not much popular. Nihari is one of the many recipes that are largely prepared on Bakri Eid.

Beef Korma


A common and popular dish prepared at homes, where a cow beef is used.