On the one hand where America is shivering with cold, while on the other hand in Australia, it is getting heated by the Sun. In Australia, temperature is going above 40 degree Celsius. The Heat is much heated there that lighting anything by fire, is banned that is imposed by the government of Australia at some hot places.

Heating in AustraliaIn Comparison to the public of Australia, the players there, who are playing in Australia, are suffering much because of high soaring temperature. Right now, in Australia, some international games are being played in which Australian Open, Cricket series between Australia and England and others. Players and audiences are facing collapsing problems and others because of intolerable hot weather.

Australian Open 2014In Australian Open series, some players and Ball kids are becoming unconscious during the game in the fiery heat. it’s very tough playing in such types of conditions. Some player of Australian Open said about the terrible situations.

Heat a danger for players in Australian Open 2014Famous player of Tennis, Serena Williams said,” Because of high temperature I was feeling that heat is making me ‘paranoid’ on Wednesday.” On the other hand, Ivan Dodig said “I thought I could die here.”

Victoria Azarenka said “it is pretty hot condition, feeling like you are dancing in a frying pan. Famous player Andy Murray told about his pain,” It’s really terrible for whole game when players, ball kids and audience are collapsing because of high temperature.”