The Korean cars have always lured the Indian customers with their ability to provide an all season drive and stylish looks with performance as well. The one name which has been the true pioneer in the car market is Hyundai India. The company has not only offered cars in each segment like sedans, hatchback or SUV, but has made sure that the cars should perform better on the bumpy Indian roads without compromising with the mileage and maintenance.

Hyundai India Logo

The Hyundai India cars are available for the all types of customers like for mileage seekers, urban comfort, highway run, SUV power and others. Here below is the description of Hyundai India categories under which it’s providing the various car models.

Hyundai India Hatchback Cars

The small cars from the company are best for the growing urban style living in the country as they offer a sleek look, swift movement, enough power and much needed mileage according to the Indian market standards. The famous car models from the company which are currently leading its way in the market are Hyundai i10, Grand i10, i20, EON and Next Geni10.

Hyundai i10

All these cars are best in class with all the features available in them. The cars are also coming with the technologies like VTVT which enable customers to get more mileage despite the rough and irregular city driving.

Sedan Cars from Hyundai India

Hyundai’s sedan segment cars in India are also the first choice of people who wish to drive something elegant, classy, powerful and dashing. The famous Hyundai Verna, Verna Fluidic, Elentra Fluidic and Sonata are best-sellers in the country. These sedans have every bit of style and power with enough space inside the cars to make you feel luxurious.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic

The technology in these sedans has enough security and performance boosters like VTVT, VGT and ABS to stay hard and strong in every sort of conditions. The soaring sales of these cars have already hit its competitors like Honda India and Maruti Suzuki.

Hyundai SantaFe – The Only SUV

However, the Hyundai India has done well in the SUV car market in India with its only model Hyundai SantaFe. The SUV, I agree, is a good vehicle with all the features and power, but the models like Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra XUV 500 and Mahindra Scorpio has a better grip on the market.

Hyundai SantaFe

Still, the name of Hyundai is enough to make the necessary sales in the market to count them as the profit and continue the production.

Final Words

The Hyundai India is definitely a trusted name in the market, but with the changing time and technologies, it also has to make some changes in its vehicle for sure. Nowadays the company is making all the efforts to make sure that it must hold its place in the market strong and firm and should not let others to conquer its perfectly build market.