Bollywood actress Geetika Tyagi who was last seen in movie ‘One by two’ and ‘What the fish’ slapped the director Subhash Kapoor who recently directed the movie ‘Jolly LLB‘.

As the allegedly video recorded by the Geetika and posted on her Youtube channel and later on posted on her twitter account in the video she is confronting Kapoor and slapping him over the incident that allegedly took place over a year ago. According to Geetika she alleged that filmmaker had taken advantage of her trust and friendship and molested her at her residence in year 2012.

Geetika-Tyagi-and-Subhash-KapoorSubhash’s wife Dimple Kharpadna and actress’s boyfriend director Atul Sabharwal are also their in the 31 minute video which goes viral on you tube. Kapoor appears in the video saying that “this is not defence . i was told that by coming here, it would probably help you (Geetika). From last one and half years there has not been a single day when this incident has not crossed my mind. I have never ever been part of anything like this in the past. But it has happened with me and I regret it.” While Kapoor’s wife was seen sobbing and saying that she is worried about her son’s future.

A journalist turned actress Geetika appears to be crying shouting at the director and said “because of the incident I can’t trust any person”. And she later clarified that this is not a case of casting couch by the director, he was the family friend for the last 8 years and shared a platonic relationship. “its breach of trust” as posted by her.

Later on she posted on twitter account a word of thank to Sabharwal for encouraging her to make the video public. Sabharwal is also a director by profession and directed the movie Aurangzeb starring Arjun Kapoor. In return to Geetika’s tweet, Sabharwal also tweeted in support as “@TyagiGeetika moore power to you may this end the mental suffering that has been going through ever since”.

Many suspect that tyagi has come out in the open after 2 years and on the other hand the director is getting big budget movies which turn the table to the other side. Actress also stated that she will file a police complaint and wants to collect some clinching evidence and put it out in the public domain.

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