Recently, Apple launched the Beta version of its upcoming iOS 9. But everything is judged only after the experience. So is the iOS9. Apple has worked really a tough job to provide the users an enhanced functionalities, but in reverse they somehow lack behind the Android OS. There are many new features which are made available in Apple iOS this time, but interestingly, they are already available in the Android Operating system. So, let’s take a small tour of all the features which was already available to use in Android and is introduced by Apple in its upcoming iOS.

Low Battery Mode: As, battery draining has been a major issue of concern nowadays, Apple has given an option of Battery saving mode. But, this trait is already available on Android smartphones. The company claims that when the smartphone is used under battery saving mode, its backup life is increased by 3 hours. Interestingly, this battery saving mode is nothing any news for Android users. Many mobile manufacturing companies offer this feature in their Android smartphones. Samsung has even declared that their Ultra-Battery saving mode enhances the backup up to 12 days.

Low Battery Mode
Multitasking Split-Screen: Users of iPad, iPhone always heeded on the feature of multitasking split-screen feature. But they all will be happy to hear that Apple has finally added this feature in their upcoming iOS9. The iPad users can now easily manage two tasks at a time by splitting the screen. Android has already provided this feature to its users. Samsung Tabs are already enriched with this trait. So, this will not be anything for Android users.

Split Screen

Transit Directions: Apple was recently working hard to provide Transit directions in its mapping application. As, finally, the new iOS9 will be supplemented with Transited direction feature. Before the introduction of Apple map, Google maps were used in Apple devices. But in order to capture that market too, it launched its own mapping application, with limited functionalities. Google on the other hand had already availed Transit directions in its OS. Actually, Apple Transit feature is totally inspired by that of Google.

Transit Directions

News App: Apple was earlier running a Newsstand application on its devices. But now, the company has replaced this with News App which will be having content from different publishers along with more interactive and effective layout. At this moment, this will only be made available in the US. Google on the same, has Newsstand application available by default with the OS. This application too works on the same platform as that News application for Apple does. Not only this, many other customized apps like Flipboard are used by mobile manufacturing companies that allows the user to customize it direct from their desktop.

News App
Keyboard Shortcuts: There will be a Quicktype keyboard in iOS9 with the availability of much supportive tools like cut, copy, paste. You can also add pictures, files from this newly customized keyboard. Android has already many customized keyboards available on Google Play Store, which offers the same features.

keyboard shortcuts

Reminders: This time, iOS9 will sport an advanced Siri. Yes its true. in this new iOS, Siri will allow to automatically add the email events onto your calendar. The voice assistance will even assist you while being on traffic. But that is totally similar to that of Google Now. Google Now also does the same functions along with many more features.


These are the new features which are already being used by Android Users.
So, what do you think? Will Apple mark any change with the addition of these traits in iOS9?