In the modern era, people are very dependent on technology. Of course it has given us a lot and saves our valuable time to make the life easier. But other aspects of technology are its harms.

Harms of Technology

Harms of Technology

10 aspects of our life where we are becoming extremely weak due to modern technology:

1. We got lazy – Today we easily get any air, train and bus ticket by a clicking on the internet. There is no any kind of struggle to get a movie ticket today because for this we do not have need to stand in a queue on the ticket windows. Because of this, you do not have need to open your laptops and computers while you can easily get such a facility on your cell phone. That’s why we got lazy.

2. Handwriting ruined – Remember that day when we were writing the ‘calligraphy’ in our school- college days but now the keyboard of computer and keypads of mobile phones are destroying our hand writing. Now days, people just chat with each other via shortcuts writing and it is a great factor of missing our spellings.

3. Reason of memory loss – We use phone calendar, notes and alarms to remember anything. Today birthdays, anniversaries and many more things we remember through social networking websites. To remind essential passwords people use the drafts section of their email. If anybody lefts his mobile phone at the home then he cannot find contact numbers of others.

In the last week, the professors of Harvard, Columbia and Viskinsn University have researched and found that the use of technology deeply influences our mental ability to remember anything.

4. Unrelate to the personal life – We know by a recent research, people see their phones 150 times in a day to check the time and messages. It proves that leaving from technology is not true as well as not possible. There is not a single moment from our morning tea time to night walk in which we stay far from the technologies of mobile phones or laptops. Today the profile pages of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are only a single way to show our identity.

5. Fray to attention – Technology is also a cause of disease named “FB Attention Syndrome”. People just like to talk with each other about any upcoming technology. Some people also share their personal matter with others on Facebook and Twitter. Even we have some cases in which people plan to commit suicide on Facebook. According to the doctors people are totally dependent on social networking and when others stop talking to them, they become depressed.

6. Waste of creativity – Robin Sloan of San Francisco, the media manager of Twitter found with an old Nokia phone, pen and paper to make notes like 32 year behind the technology. Well known by a master of technology is realized that iPhone and laptop are affecting his creativity, so now he is using an old phone for just calling.
Not only Robin but there is many youth who feel that technology reduces their creativity. It has been proven in many research studies.

7.  Life at high risk – By far it is the worst aspect of technology that many people fall into the painful train and bus accidents due to listening music on the railway tracks and roads. Too many cases are shown, when youth returns home from the schools, colleges and offices with listening music via mobile phone.

8.  A lot of shopping – E-Commerce has controlled our lives completely. According to a last year survey, it can be derived from the fact that online shopping is growing abruptly in the two tier cities. Companies are also looking these cities as a potential market. Online shopping is growing like a black magic in teenagers. Unseasonable and inexplicably shopping has become the favorite pastime of most youngsters.

9.  Eclipse of friendship – In the last week, the founder of social networking site Pinterest has said that he definitely goes for a long trip with his wife in every month. The reason behind that they want to spend time with their friends and relatives away from the technology. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Google are fetching us from the virtual world but our school and college friends become just a FB wall.